"Michael was instrumental in our adoption of Agile. He was the first coach/consultant our department hired and his holistic approach led us to reap benefits well beyond what the ‘tools’ alone could deliver. Michael coached us through how to use the tools, how to apply the thinking, and how to address the leadership and cultural issues that emerged from the new way of working.” -- Senior Director, Fortune 500 Company

"Michael played a critical role in our ability to create a culture that supported associate learning, curiosity, empowerment, and value delivery. Michael brought years of coaching experience, an open and agile approach, and a wealth of organizational development knowledge that led to the growth of individuals as well as the growth of a community." Director, Fortune 500 Company

"The impact Michael has had on our organization go way beyond implementing Scrum, he has provided us with the tools, and insights that will allow us to dig into the issues that are sure to arise versus covering them up. -- Manager, Fortune 200 Company

"What Michael was able to do for our team I have longed for in all projects since: he simultaneously re-organized the development structure and provided the catalyst for steady and increasing productivity.  With what I believe to be an amazing skill for adapting to individual needs, Michael made it so that every member of the team began to develop the necessary intrinsic motivation to fuse their talents with the momentum of the group."
-- Karl Schultz, Stanford University.

"Michael has the ability to powerfully connect with other individuals and coach them in a way that expands their possibilities.  His effectiveness comes from him taking time to understand all the dimensions of the other individual".
--Senior Manager, Fortune 200 Financial Services Company

"One of Michael's greatest strengths is his ability to create a meaningful, and impactful training curriculum, and then facilitate the course flawlessly.  He would tell you otherwise, but his ability to craft a training event, and then make minor adjustments mid-stream within the event, coupled with his knack for spotting (and calling out) the elephants in the room to make the most out of the event, are the attributes that make Michael one of the strongest facilitators I have ever witnessed." – Jason Bane, Manager and Certified Scrum Practitioner

"Michael worked with our department tocreate an environment that encouraged open and honest dialog, collaboration, and a true sense of community.  Personally, my leadership skills have grown and allowed me to experience many opportunities that I would otherwise have not had the confidence to succeed at.” - Traci, Manager.


"Michael is a truly gifted facilitator.  Through gently applied Socratic dialog, Michael encourages participants to lean into discomfort for the sake of deeper learning and insight.”

-- Training Participant

"Michael was fearless in challenging the status quo in order to help us see something we weren’t seeing”         -- Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"Michael's coaching has helped people in our department develop greater self-awareness.  This has facilitated considerably more creativity and strengthened relationships across our team.  We’re much better at collaborating than before.  This has rendered us more responsive and capable of increased throughput.  The bottom-line benefits have been great.” -- Robert, Manager, Fortune 500 Company