In today’s complex and uncertain world, the purpose of any organization necessarily becomes the growing of the inner agility of its people.

I help people and organizations do that.


We live in a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous world (so-called “VUCA”). In such a world, we must change not only our operational and delivery tactics. We must change the way we think, the way we sense, the way we relate. This requires not just a new set of organizational “apps”. It requires an upgrade in the human operating system itself.

It is such an upgrade that defines “leadership” in a VUCA world.

No longer a leadership defined solely by what happens at the top. No longer a leadership that is characterized by “telling”, not by “decisiveness”—not even by “who goes first” or “who eats last.”

Rather, a leadership which arises anywhere and everywhere there is a need—within an organization, within a team, within a partnership of any sort—for someone (or someones) to make sense of the complexity around them in ways that provide access to effective action for themselves and others. A leadership that arises not from what we are doing, but from how we are thinking, and who we are being.

I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them upgrade the quality and complexity of leaderful sensemaking—within themselves and in their relationships with others—in order to upgrade their capacity for effective and congruent action in the face of the volatile, unpredictable and complex situations which constitute the very nature of 21st century life and work.


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The Book

Evolvagility is a practical and systematic approach to the deliberate growing of a deep and enduring agile leadership culture, from the inside out.

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Leadership Agility From the Inside Out: A Three-Day Journey Into Your Own Leadership

Personal agility and relationship agility are the very bedrock on which any broader organizational agility necessarily rests. This 3-day workshop takes participants through a process of deep personal leadership discovery, while helping them grow skillful means for catalyzing transformative change in others and across relationship systems.

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Evolvagility Explorer Series

A series of virtual learning environments in which you begin to bring to life the practices and conditions from the book, Evolvagility, and from the Workshop Agile Leadership From the Inside Out.


The Enterprise Transformation Leader Program: A Path to Mastery

Our eight-month signature intensive for enterprise transformation leaders who are ready to take a deep dive into their own leadership development and to seriously grow their capacity for enduring leaderful impact in their world.

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The Role of the Agile Managaer

In a self-managing organization much of what traditionally constitutes “management” is carried out by people throughout the organization. What then is the role of organizational management and leadership? This one-day workshop delves into the nature of that role, and the specific skills and practice needed to fully stand in that role.